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CDT 2021 is perfect for on-the-go code checking.

2020 and 2021 CDT code sets

144 coding scenarios

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CDT Dental Procedure Codes

The CDT dental procedure codes are an essential resource for dental practices that work with third-party payers and want to reduce the likelihood of rejected insurance claims.

CDT Coding Companion

The training tool every dental practice needs to sharpen the staff’s diagnostic coding abilities.

ICD-10-CM Codes

Diagnoses for Dental Diseases and Conditions addresses another HIPAA standard code set that enables recording of diagnostic and descriptive information on patient records and claims.

Developed by the American Dental Association

This handy, searchable app contains the most up-to-date CDT Codes, including new and revised procedure codes. CDT Codes clearly document a service to a patient and consider the latest clinical advances, making for easier coding and faster reimbursement.

CDT 2021 is perfect for on-the-go code checking and peace of mind of accuracy.

Brought to you by ADA®, the CDT 2021 is the most up-to-date coding resource and the only HIPAA-recognized code set in dentistry.

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CDT 2021 is perfect for on-the-go code checking.